The Future of Online Shopping: Trends Are Accelerating…

Retailing is a sector which is constantly undergoing changes, no matter how minute these changes might seem. However, the major disruptions have been found to occur almost every 50 years. After the modern concept of departmental stores where you can make all your purchases under one roof, the trend has now shifted to making the same purchases more conveniently online. The changes in shopping ways and trends do not always cause landscape reshaping or complete redefinition of expectations from customers. The goal is to enhance consumer experience and contribute to the convenience and ease of shopping. Such is the case with online shopping. Nevertheless, as with any market, the online retailing business also needs to evolve in order to succeed. There are basically THREE major trends which can greatly predict the future of online shopping:

In-Store Pick Up

An example of a business adopting the “in-store pick up” approach is Walmart. One can easily place orders for products from Walmart online, but then pick up the purchases from the physical store. The greatest advantage is doing so is avoiding customer disappointment. It makes sure that the customer is satisfied with the product he saw online and the one he is receiving. The future of many huge online stores will depend on how well they can implement the “in-store pick up” method.

Offers and Discounts

These are effective marketing strategies which have proven their efficiency in every market, not only in the online retailing business. Customers can easily be lured by online shopping offers. Similar to sales in shops, online shopping offers intrigue people and create the same kind of excitement and anticipating, if not more. Discount vouchers are another way to attract customers. The most efficient aspect of giving out such vouchers is the free mouth-to-mouth marketing enjoyed by the business. People gift out these vouchers, they boast about it on social media and even post pictures of their precious vouchers on Instagram.

Social Networking

An essential factor which comes into play in determining the future of online shopping is social networking. In this era of Facebook and Twitter, an online cannot afford to miss out on online presence. The options provided by social platforms such as these exceed expectations. A simple “like” or “follow” by a happy customer can go a long way. Popular online businesses, as Victoria’s Secret, have passed the threshold of twelve million consumers who have like the Facebook page. This is a mere indication of the effect of social media on online shopping. There is a very active consumer base out there which is always on the lookout for online shopping opportunities.


Online Shopping: What does the future hold?

The future of online shopping will greatly depend on how well online businesses are able to adopt the right strategies and make their business grow. Although statistics and studies related to online shopping show an upward trend in its growth, the future can be unpredictable at times.