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The Health Benefits of Skateboarding – Skateboards for Sale at Lazada

Longboarding is a kind of sport of riding a longboard, or a skateboard related to the surfboard or snowboard. Riders use their longboards for racing, transportation, stunts and fun. Nowadays, longboarding is a continuously developing a kind of skateboarding that combines several styles and disciplines. In current years, companies have become ever more devoted to this sport and creating well-designed, high-performance boards for every kind of rider. There are four kinds of riding styles: slolam, transportation (cruising), downhill and free ride.
Longboards are superb forms of transportation. Transportation Longboards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Slolam is a way of weaving in and out of hurdles. Free ride longboarding is a type riding which needs concentration on tricks, slides, and grabs. Downhill or bombing is the most acute version of longboarding in which riders move to down long hills at the fastest speeds possible. Skateboards for sale – Shop for the best Skateboard and accessories in Singapore at Lazada online store.
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To improve the riding experience you should buy suitable Skateboard accessories. Some of the accessories are:


The helmet is one of the most important accessories. It protects you from the head injury whenever you fall.


The process of selecting the suitable set of wheels for the  Skateboards ride is essential for better performance. Wheels can differ in diameter and material hardness hence select on the basis of your requirements.

Deck Protection

The deck of the skateboard is prone to breaking, chipping and even cracking. Hence utilizing a nose guard and tail guard, made from plastic or rubber will help you to protect skateboard and keep it in top shape.


Sunglasses will enhance safety while riding from the sun and those small flying insects getting in your eyes when you are riding at high speeds.

Longboarding has several health benefits. Top five health benefits of longboarding are:

Improves strength and stamina

Pushing the board needs strength. It is the best way to build and tone your muscles. When taking turns and riding freestyle your upper body, chest, abdominal muscles and arms are utilized. Riding for long time strengthen the particular groups of muscles as they are continuously working and provides you lean muscles all over the body. You need to maintain your balance and keep control of your entire body.

Flexibility in muscles

Flexibility also improves extensively from longboarding. The ability to energetically stretch and flex muscles assists you move more efficiently and strongly. Longboarding, with intense exercise for a long time assists you build up the dynamic flexibility and power.

Hand and eye coordination skill

Riding a skateboards or longboards needs good balance to maintain the line of gravity between you and the ground. Good balance needs every kind of skills like visual system, somatosensory system, and vestibular system therefore it helps to increase hand and eye coordination skill.

Cardiovascular exercise

It is a complete cardiovascular exercise which is one of the most important health benefits of longboarding. It is a good way for weight loss as you are doing a regular aerobic activity, strengthening your heart and enhancing lung capacity.


Tricks, jumps and stunts are also great benefit of longboarding. Stunts need a lot of speed, and skaters should work hard to get and maintain that speed hence your brains needs to work continuously which helps in functioning of brain.